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General Evaluation

The General Statement of Equivalency describes foreign documents, degrees, certificates, and diplomas in US terms, and assigns each their equivalent in the educational system of the United States.

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Detailed Evaluation

The Detailed Evaluation of Coursework is a course-by-course evaluation of work completed at foreign institutions and resembles a US transcript. This information is pertinent when a detailed explanation of the documents is needed for purposes of teacher certification, professional licensing, or placement into post-secondary institutions.

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ABET Evaluation

The ABET Evaluation is a specialized report for clients who are applying for licensure with a state engineering board. Its purpose is to compare the results of a Detailed Evaluation of Coursework (see above) against specific academic profiles developed by The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Only the licensing board to which you are applying can tell you whether or not an ABET Evaluation will be required.

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